Omnia Base


An important component that provides heat from below.

Three parts working together
The Omnia oven consists of a base, mold, and lid that together provide heat from above and below. Bake, cook and heat.


The base must always be used together with an Omnia mold and a lid. Only when all three parts are put in place does it become an oven.
The base is suitable even for Omnia Maxi Mold and Omnia Non-stick Mold.
There shouldn’t be any water in the base. It’s hot air that heats up the underside of the Omnia mold.

The stainless steel base becomes very hot, at > 300 °C/527 °F. Place the Omnia in the middle of the stove and never in such a position that the lower part makes direct contact with the rim of the stove. Due to the high heat, the lower part changes color.
NOTE: The base gets very hot and it takes a long time before it cools down.


The bowl-shaped base must always be used regardless of which Omnia mold you use.
Stainless steel thickness 0.02 in, quality SS 430.
Weight: 6 oz
Diameter: 9 in
Item no.: 1105

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