Omnia Foil Dish - pack of 5


Cook at home, place in the foil baking dish, and take it along. Simply place in the Omnia to heat. You can also freeze it, take it along, and thaw in your Omnia.

A tastier and healthier alternative to fast food on your first night out after a long week at work.

Helpful hint: A frozen dish in the foil container works as a cold pack in an insulated cooling bag.


The Omnia Foil Baking Dish was designed especially for the Omnia. Place the baking dish in your Omnia, remove the card lid, and fold in the edges of the dish so the Omnia lid fits securely in place. Heat/thaw at low to medium heat. 


Recyclable aluminum. Sort with other metal packaging and it will be used to make new aluminum products, saving energy and ore.

Meets both US FDA and German LFGB standards. Avoid using with foods with high acid and/or salt content

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